Technivorm MoccaMaster Thermos KBGT 741 Polished Silver

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The KBGT 741 is a Moccamaster model with good looks and great features. The KBGT 741 comes with an integrated auto-stop filter basket, allowing you to remove the carafe from the machine while it is still brewing. Its thermal carafe keeps brewed coffee piping hot and at the ready, and the internal copper materials of this machine will maintain brew temperatures as water is transferred throughout the brewing process.

Designed and imported directly from the Netherlands, this machine has been crafted with care to produce delicious high quality flavors in your personal home brew.

Water temperature rises to 198-205°F for brewing, with a holding temperature of 176-185°F to ensure consistently delicious flavors.

Designed to evenly spread water over your coffee grounds for skillfully balanced flavors. This efficient brewing cycle is completed in five to six minutes.

Built with a copper boiler, backed by a five year warranty, and sold alongside easily replaceable parts so that your machine can be maintained for years to come.

Uses #4 filters, made accessible through the reusable Swiss Gold cone filter or disposable paper filters

Made in the Netherlands

Watts : 1400
Volts : 110 volts
Size : 10cup
Capacity : 1250ml
Warm Up Brew Time : 6min
Mid-Brew Interrupt : Yes
Programmability : No

Dimensions (mm) : 280 (w) x 160 (d) x 410 (h)
Weight : 4kg

The KBGT741 is most comparable to the Technivorm Moccamaster KBT741, which offers the unique ability to brew half a pot at a time, or even stop your coffee stream altogether, due to an open/close valve located on the grinds container. Both of these models come with a mid-brew interrupting sensor, as well as stainless steel carafes and the capacity for 10 cups. In contrast, the the Technivorm Moccamaster KB741 provides all these features and uses a glass carafe with heating element.


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