Sanremo Torino 2Group

R 67,850.00

A note of artistic pleasure behind a vintage design. Technology perfectly tuned with a perfect result.


  • Spotlights
  • SED and SAP versions: two declination of Torino to suit every need
  • Service Bluetooth System to manage, using Bluetooth, all the technical assistance parameters.

Sanremo Torino

Sanremo Coffee Machines is a team of coffee lovers, working hard to create the best coffee machines for those who keep breathing the essence of coffee every day.

Located in Treviso, Italy Sanremo is an established, ambitions family owned company with more than forty years experience in building espresso coffee machines.  Driven by design & innovation, Sanremo machines are meticulously assembled and hand crafted as they have been for generations.

Our constant drive for innovation and improvement has always characterised the way we work.  This has allowed us, over the years, to get together as a team, to collaborate and learn from each other by boldly answering questions that we would never have even brought up alone.

We are Sanremo


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