Sanremo SR70 EVO On Demand Grinder

R 19,399.00

Super-fast grinding technology maintains grind consistency and maximises freshness while operating at just over 2 seconds per grind.

The added automatic cooling fan makes it great for venues with high demand looking to offer premium quality in high volumes.

  • CapSense Technology
  • Fast Dosing
  • Automatic Cooling Fan
  • 7g in around 2.2 seconds
  • Up to 3kg per day

64mm RedSpeed Blades

On Demand : E Model, single-dose system
Powder : 350 Watt
Grinder Adjustments : Continuous micro-metric grinding adjustment
Grinding Adjustment : Ring nut
Burr Type : Flat
Burr Size : 64mm
Coffee Bean Container Capacity : 1.5kg
Display : Touch Screen Display
Motor cooling : Fan with thermostat activating only when the grinder doser overheats

Dimensions : 23cm (w) x 27cm (d) x 61cm (h)
: 14kg

Daily Brew