Rosetta Roastery – Ethiopia Roba Yirgacheffe

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Tasting notes : Light, floral and tea-like, with marmalade notes

Processing : Washed
Variety : Mixed Heirloom
Region : Roba Washing Station, Gotiti Kebele, Gedeb Woreda, Gedeo Zone (Yirgacheffe), Oromia Region
Producers : Numerous smallholder farmers delivering to the Roba Washing Station
Altitude : 1900 – 2700 masl
: 2017/2018
Certification : Conventional

” At Rosetta Roastery we’re passionate about coffees that are as unique and character-filled as the people who drink them.  We source speciality grade, single origin coffees from South & Central America, Africa and Asia, Micro-Roasting each one to best present its unique personality. “


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