Rosetta Indonesia Frinsa Washed

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This is our third consecutive harvest of washed coffee from Frinsa Estate. It’s a select lot comprised exclusively of the Sigarar Utang variety, with all post-picking processing happening on the farm. Frinsa Estate boasts its own wet mill (to remove the fruit) and dry mill (to remove the parchment husk layer). Coffees from Frinsa Estate stand head and shoulders above most coffees produced in the region, thanks to the meticulous care and open-minded approach of Wildan Mustofa and his team.

Tasting notes : Full | Herbal | Bright

Processing : Washed
Variety : Sigarar Utang
Region : West Bandung Regency, West Java, Java
Producer(s) : Wildan Mustofa and family at Frinsa Estate
Altitude : 1300 – 1600 masl
Harvest : 2019

” At Rosetta Roastery we’re passionate about coffees that are as unique and character-filled as the people who drink them.  We source speciality grade, single origin coffees from South & Central America, Africa and Asia, Micro-Roasting each one to best present its unique personality. “


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