Quaffee Colombia La Piramide

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Tasting notes : Full bodied and sweet with red apples and floral notes
Roast : Medium – Dark

Varietal : Arabica Caturra (80%) and Typica (20%)
Processing method : Full washed wet mill pulping, fermentation and sun drying on raised tables
Region : La Piramide, Cauca, Colombia
Farmers : Approximately 400 small-holding farmers
Altitude : 1700 – 2000 masl

Quaffee was born from a two-decade-long pursuit for the finest quality coffee. On this journey, a model for producing a consistently high standard of coffee began to take shape: Only by sourcing exceptional coffees and ensuring they are roasted with sensitivity to their individual characteristics can this standard be maintained.

The symbol of a frog represents our journey. It also serves as a constant reminder to ensure that we remain bound to our vision and true to each individual involved in the supply of every bean we offer.

Espresso  | 1 : 2.2
AeroPress  | 16.5g : 200g
Plunger  |  50g : 800g
Filter/Pour Over  |  20g : 300g