PUQPress Q2 Automatic Coffee Tamper

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The PUQPress is a must for any espresso bar. The PUQPress ensures that every coffee extraction has the exact same pressure applied to the tamp every time – ensuring a consistently high quality.

The Puqpress® is an automatic coffee tamper which always tamps your ground coffee with a constant pressure. The pressure can easily be set between 10 -30 kg using the controls at the back of the device. The display shows the pressure at which the tamper is set.

Thanks to its patented clamping mechanism, the Puqpress® can be used with all types of portafilters. The tamper is, moreover, customised specially for your type of portafilter. This ensures the best possible final result.

With cycle duration of only 1.3 seconds, it is faster to use the Puqpress® than to tamp by hand. Its compact design makes the Puqpress® easy to fit between the coffee bean grinder and the espresso machine. From bean grinder to Puqpress® to espresso machine; these are the operations the modern barista carries out.

Roasting, grinding, tamping, making. These are all important steps in producing a perfect espresso.

Suitable for : All types of Portafilters, singel or double shots
Tamper diameter : 58mm (customised, tolerance +/- 0.1 mm)
Tamper shape : Fat bottom
Adjustable pressure : 10-30 kg (+/- 1 kg)
Cycle duration : 1.3 sec

Power : 60W
Input Voltage : 110-230 Vac | 50-60 Hz

Dimensions (mm) : 125 (L) x 150 (W) x 220 (H)
Weight : 2.7 kg

Adjustable height for different types of Portafilters. This height can be adjusted manually using an Allen key.

Clean mode for cleaning.

1 year guarantee


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