Hario Slim Mini Mill Hand Grinder

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Long considered one of the best budget coffee grinders, the Hario Slim Mini Mill Coffee Grinder is easy to use, great for travel, and empowers you to brew amazing coffee.

This grinder features ceramic conical burrs for long-lasting grinding power that’s suitable for all filter coffee methods. The grind setting can be adjusted via the wing nug attached to the bottom of the burrs. The settings are stepped, making switching back and forth between settings painless.

The hardened plastic is extremely durable without being heavy and the stainless steel crank will last ages. The hourglass shape makes gripping the device while you grind feel natural. The grounds catcher can hold up to 24g of coffee, which is just enough for 1-2 cups of coffee.

This grinder is light, durable, and compact, making it a perfect travel grinder. Whether you use it across the country or across the house, you’ll be able to count on its grinding power and durable construction.

Ceramic burrs stay sharp longer than steel, and a drop-through conical shape ensures low retention after grinding.

The diminutive Mini Mill packs easily for travel with a small catch bin and removable hand crank.

Adjust your grind setting with a couple of clicks on the burr-mounted grind adjust.

Removing the bottom burr is easy, and the rest of the grinder comes apart by hand.

A reinforced hexagonal connector at the handle is less likely to strip compared to earlier models.

Capacity : 24g
Material :  Hardened Plastic | Stainless Steel | Ceramic
Burrs : Ceramic

Dimensions (mm) : 150 (w) × 72 (d) × 220 (h)
Weight : 230g


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