Hario Skerton Ceramic Mill Hand Grinder

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The Hario Skerton Ceramic Mill Hand Grinder uses ceramic conical burrs for consistant grinding, considered the best configuration for hand grinding coffee.  Ceramic burrs hold less static charge, they stay cooler during grinding, cannot rust and they clean more thoroughly than steel burrs.

The Hario Skerton can also be adjusted to produce a range of grind sizes. A silicone lid has been included to keep the beans in the hopper/top chamber whilst grinding. The Rubber base is an added extra, this ensures that the grinder does not mark the benchtop and also keeps the unit steady when grinding.

  • Easy adjustment for grind setting
  • Ceramic burrs (conical)
  • Dishwasher safe

Made in Japan

Capacity : 100g
Materials : Hario Glass | Stainless Steel | BPA-Free Plastic
Burrs : Conical Ceramic

Dimensions :  172 mm wide, 93 mm deep, and 214 mm high


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