Hario Drip Pot with Cloth Filter (240ml)

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One of the oldest methods to brew coffee, the Hario Drip Pot with Cloth Filter uses flannel material to filter instead of a regular paper filter. Using cloth to brew your coffee causes the grounds to brew longer, extracting all the goodness from your favourite coffee beans. The result is a robust, full-flavoured and strong tasting coffee.

The 240ml carafe is made with Hario’s signature high borosilicate and heat proof glass. A wooden collar wraps around the neck of the carafe, allowing you to hold and pour coffee from the device without burning your fingers.

This is a great filter / carafe combo for anyone who loves a simple brewer with a cloth filter.

Materials : Hario Glass | Cloth | Stainless Steel | Wood
Capacity : 240ml
Dimensions (mm) : 95 (w) x 95 (d) x 168 (h)
Weight : 200g


Properly store the cloth filter by storing it in a plastic bag in the fridge. This prolongs the filter’s life by keeping it nimble and tear-free.

1 x Hario Carafe
1 x Hario Cloth Filter


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