Flatmountain Malawi Misuka Highlands

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Here we present a coffee from the Misuka Highlands region. What is most impressive about this coffee is that it is direct trade coffee between importers and farmers. Ensuring farmers get paid the value they deserve for their efforts. This is a small production coffee that really has been grown and produced with incredible attention to detail.

Tasting Notes : Stone Fruit | Nutty | Floral
Roast : Medium

Process : Fully Washed
Variety : Geisha
Region : Misuka Highlands
Country : Malawi

” We take pride in extracting enthusiasm from every coffee moment. Recognising that, with intentional sourcing of green beans, careful roasting, precise brewing and stimulating surroundings, there is more to coffee than caffeine. We celebrate that coffee is complex and the ritual of drinking a great cup is simply life changing. ” – Flatmountain Coffee Roasters

We feel that this coffee is best enjoyed using a french press or drip method. This coffee shines in almost every way you can think of brewing it. Home-made cold brews with this coffee are also excellent.


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