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The Fellow Stagg Kettle is widely considered the most beautiful and functional pour over kettle available.

The gooseneck precision spout is designed to enable you to pour water slowly and steadily with ease. This is the key to balanced pour over coffee. A counterweight is situated in the handle that moves the centre of mass towards the back of your hand, adding additional control and comfort, even when kettle is completely full.

A thermometer sits atop the kettle’s lid and highlights the ideal coffee brewing temperature range of 90 to 96 degrees so you know when your water is ready to brew – no guessing required.

The stainless steel body can hold 1 Litre of water and features a stunning graphite finish. The thermometer is attached to the stainless steel lid by a BPA-free polypropylene holder. The kettle is compatible with gas, electric, and induction stoves.

The red range highlights optimal brew temperature between 195 and 205 degrees fahrenheit.

A slow and steady pour wins the race. Stagg’s spout is designed for the optimal pour-over flow rate.

Back that mass up. Stagg’s weighted handle shifts the center of mass closer to your hand for an easier pour.

High grade stainless steel for the best build quality. Durably constructed to be compatible with gas, electric and induction stoves.  Comes in matte black and polished steel to intimidate your other kitchenware.

1 Litre boiling capacity


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