Fellow Prismo – For Your AeroPress

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Superpowers for your AeroPress Coffee Maker!

The Fellow Prismo is a pressure actuated valve designed to be used with the AeroPress Coffee Maker. This attachment allows for a buildup of pressure to create espresso-style coffee and creates a no drip seal for a full immersion brew


Pressure Actuated Valve – The secret weapon for “pulling a shot” with more pressure. The valve stays sealed until you press down. The valve’s small aperture also fits directly over an espresso shot glass.

No Drip Seal – Brew a full immersion without inverting your AeroPress Coffee Maker.

Reusable Etched Metal Filter – The 70 micron etched fine metal filter stops sludge in its tracks.

Compatible With Shot Glasses — Valve aperture allows you to brew directly into sturdy shot glasses, rather than having to brew into a larger server first.

1 x Fellow Prismo
1 x Stainless Steel Filter


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