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Superior African and Central American beans that create a mild yet flavoursome coffee. An excellent after dinner coffee variety.

Tasting notes : Balanced cup with a medium body, Good medium acidity with a bit of sweetness.
Aroma : Rich aroma with fruited notes
Roast : Mixed roast – Medium and Dark
Countries of origin : Zimbabwe | Guatemala

Our story started with a tireless search for the perfect cup of coffee. Admittedly, we were a little obsessed.

We’ve scoured the four corners of the earth in our pursuit of the most magnificent collection of coffee beans. Good thing our expeditions paid off. We have collected beans from over 25 Estates, creating 5 different blends, each of them with flavours unique to the regions they come from. The result? A seriously good cup of coffee made from 100% AA-grade Arabica beans.

We are constantly coming up with new ideas to combine industries that has previously been thought to be impossible. Freshly roasted DANDO coffee is placed in recyclable cans. The friction seal lids trap essential aromas, protecting it for more than a year; refined in its pressurized environment, becoming even rounder than when first packaged as naturally emerging oils mingle with one another.

Welcome to the future of Coffee.


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