Crystal Eye Dripper 01 Glass

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At first, the diamond-like lustre of Timemore’s Crystal Eye Dripper’s really catches your eye revealing the intricate design and quality. But only once you’ve brewed with it, you’ll realise its beauty is anything but skin deep. Timemore’s unique 3-layer surface design is quite phenomenal. It prevents clogging, over-extraction and run-offs, whilst increasing surface area. This optimises water flow and contact with coffee grinds for unmatched precision brewing.

Filter papers fit like a glove, which further improve flow, contact and most importantly consistency.

Timemore’s 1-2 cup Crystal Eye Dripper is made from borosilicate glass. It has a luxurious look and weighty feel and is more durable and heat resistant than normal glass or ceramic coffee drippers. This dripper brews coffee beautifully in every way.

  • A unique 3-layers of extraction keeping brewing optimal, preventing clogging, over-extraction and run-offs
  • Precision fit with filter paper
  • 10 complimentary filter papers
  • Best to use warm soapy water and soft sponge
  • Dish washable on top shelf only. Remove plastic holder first.
  • Even though made from thick borosilicate glass, it should be treated as fragile.

Material : Thick, optical borosilicate Glass (hand-made)

Size 01 : 1-2 Cups

Holder : Removable black PVC that keeps steady on any cup/server/carafe, but removable for pour-over drip stands

Fits standard V60-01 size filters


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