Bean There Coffee – Ethiopia

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Featuring a fleeting floral aroma with round acidity and citrus overtones this Ethiopian Sidamo coffee is simply smooth.

Region : Sidamo
Town : Yirgalem
Altitude : 2100 metres above sea-level
Harvest : October to December
Varietal : Heirloom
Process : Fully Washed

Fairtrade certified and sourced from Fairtrade producers. A partnership with the Fero Cooperative representing 3674 coffee farming families.

Bean There Coffee Company, South Africa’s first roaster of Certified Fairtrade coffee, strives to make a sustainable difference in the lives of African coffee producers by personally sourcing quality coffee through direct fair trade. Bean There’s single origin coffee is optimally roasted in South Africa and sustains people today and the earth tomorrow.

Direct fair trade means producers receive a fair payment for their coffee through equal engagement, regardless of market fluctuations, which ensures community development, empowerment, and sustainability.

Bean There provides single origin, unblended coffee beans from one country and region.

All coffee beans have an optimal roast: a point within the roasting process where the key coffee elements of aroma, body, acidity, and flavour meet perfectly, resulting in a most desirable, optimal roast.

Bean There has directly sourced the world’s most exclusive coffee which it roasts in small batches. The coffee taste and experience emanates class, distinction, extravagance, and passion.

Every cup of Bean There coffee creates an adventure able to transport the taster to the jungles of risk, the farms of intrigue, the plains of mystery, and the taste of Africa’s coffee heritage.


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