Barista Hustle Base 58mm

R 398.00


Every tamper’s lifespan is bound to include a few unfortunate run-ins with the floor. Easily and affordably replace just the base with a spare.

Shifts happen. Baristas drop tampers, and they get damaged. Even the hardest steel will become deformed over time. Instead of replacing the entire tamper after a scratch or a ding, you can simply replace the base. Our Spare Tamper Base is designed for every budget without compromise thanks to more efficient manufacturing and less materials.

304 stainless steel flat base. 58.4mm diameter for VST baskets. Designed for use with the Barista Hustle Tampers.


At Barista Hustle Tools, we’ve dedicated ourselves to designing tools that are precise, durable, and practical. Our tools are free from unnecessary bells and whistles that inflate the price while still performing to the specifications of the world’s best baristas. We want to increase the barista’s efficiency and broaden accessibility, all while pushing the boundaries of coffee. From the home to the café and beyond, our tools are built to fit any bar.


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